It's not about what you say, it's about what you play.

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Our studio’s founder David Gray has always believed true growth happens on the set, the classroom merely prepares us to excel. At David Gray Studios, we are laser focused on the actors booking work. To us, the greatest gift we can give an actor is a tool box on how to crush the audition, and book the job. Here at David Gray Studios, our instructors have been training actors for decades, and the proof is in the pudding. Literally hundreds of actors have gone on to series after series, and movie after movie, using the skills and techniques they learned with David and his team. At DG Studios we believe the audition process is ever evolving. We stay right on top of the latest technology, techniques, and methods to give you an edge over your competition.

Film & Tv

Film & TV

Of all the classes at David Gray Studios, our audition technique for film and television is the spine of our institution.

We cover every aspect of the audition process from beginning to end!  It is our philosophy that a strong audition is the actor’s most important weapon and our quest to perfect an actors technique is unwavering.



Improv is hands down, far and away, the most fun class we offer. Improv is a creative feast for all ages.

Our renowned improv classes have launched the careers of several young comedians. In fact, five of the series regulars on Nickelodeon’s “All That” are former students of David Gray and Anthony Ocasio. Set yourself up with an audit today!

Scene Study

Scene Study

All actors need:

  • A strong base
  • A methodology to their work
  • An understanding of their craft
  • A mastery of their instrument

This gives them the ability to accurately portray the human experience. Scene study with acclaimed actor, writer, and director John Posey, does just that.


Scott Parkin is a commercial industry rockstar. His classes are an amalgam of everything that might be thrown at you in a commercial audition.


Whether it’s instruction only or coaching and taping, our instructors have the highest booking ratio on Earth!

What People are Saying

Scott Parkin is a non-stop improv machine. On commercials He never does the same take twice, which makes every writer, director, and editor he works with think they’re comedic geniuses

Kevin Mulroy

Creative Director, BBDO NY

Scott has a second to none ability to think on his feet. He’s insanely  fast and insanely funny.  But he’s also charming and easily disarms anyone he’s talking to or interviewing with brilliant self deprecating wit.

Ed Yeager

Co-Executive Producer, Last Man Standing, 20th Century Fox television.

Scott Parkin is a consummate talent. We hired him  and he blew us away with his chameleon-like abilities, going from one style to the next adding his own spin when even we couldn’t articulate what we wanted.

Julie Gordon

Creative Director, Pitch, Los Angeles

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